"Have you ever imagined how to get a french karaoke collection..."

"... and never pay twice for the same album?"

Here is what 2 clients happy to be singing in french wrote to me in an email:

"Thank you for taking note of our special requests. Thank you for creating karaoke records in french because we really love to sing in our mother tongue..."

Françoise et Francine of Repentigny QUEBEC
Benoit Remy

"How to pay less for each
song of french karaoke?...
With a lifetime warranty !"

You are looking everywhere for french karaoke
without finding any?

From BenoƮt Remy:

Dear friends,

It's for this exact reason that I created this web page. You will discover how to obtain a partial collection of my french karaoke to complete the album(s) you already got.

This is the list of the partial collections that are available.

Click on 1 of these links to see the discs ans the titles included in each partial collection.

Click on the button "To place your order, Click Here Now!" to add this partial collection to your shopping cart. At any time you can empty your shopping cart or remove an article.
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Volumes KPF-103 to KPF-110

Volumes KPF-104 to KPF-110

Volumes KPF-105 to KPF-110

Volumes KPF-106 to KPF-110

It is now time to take another look at the CD's you must get by using the lists of links below to go directly to a CD, it's cover picture and it's list of songs. After the list of songs of each CD, all you need to do is click on the button "To place your order, Click Here Now!" to add this CD to your shopping cart.

10 Records of 15 french karaoke songs:

With each of this collection you will also get for free:

  1. Indexed list of all the discs. Making finding a song easy.
  2. Indexed list of titles. If you can only remember the title of the song, this list will be usefull to you.
  3. Indexed list of artists. One artist is your all time favorite? His or her songs are all together and in alphabetical order.

Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty

There is nothing to worry about if the kids decide to play frisbee™ with a KARAOKE PLANETE disc. All discs are garanteed for life against all damage including breakage no matter what the reason is, just return the CD (even if it's in pieces) and it will be replaced free of charged no questions asked.

For a high quality product there must be an equivalent garanty, unique and worry free. A warranty that is also an insurance. No matter what happens to your precious records your mind will be at ease.

KARAOKE PLANETE garanties it's french karaoke discs for life against all problems or damage that would render them unusable. To be considered unusable the CD should not be able to fonction as new. To be replaced though the record or all it's pieces must be returned postage paid to KARAOKE PLANETE in it's original packaging with all the accessories. This garantie is applicable as long as the products is available and for sale.

Prepare to start singing in french until the wee hours of the morning.

Thank you

President signature
Benoît Remy

President -- Karaoké Planète

P.S.: Even if you scratch a CD I will exchange it no questions asked. It's a lifetime garanty because I know how much you will appreciate my records and the lifetime of pleasure they will procure you.

P.P.S.: On my records they are not 4, not 5, or 6, not even 8 songs, but 15 differents songs of french karaoke per CD. That's 80% more songs per CD. That's 2 to 3 times less CD to manipulate. Have you thought of all the time, space and money I will make you save with my CD's?

P.P.P.S.: My new site is a secure site and you do not risk anything by ordering directly on line.